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Why Verea Tile?

✓ All Verea clay roof tile products conform to strict ASTM Grade 1 clay roof tile standards.


✓ Our products offer unparalleled color permanence are GUARANTEED to not discolor or fade over time.


✓ Packaging is one of our core competencies and we are known to have the lowest breakage in the roof tile industry.


✓ We offer a limited lifetime warranty.


✓ Clay tile is an excellent thermal insulator and is a cooler system than shingle, slate, concrete roof tile, or metal roofing.


✓ Ceramica Verea has been one of Europe’s leading roof tile manufacturers since 1967.


✓ We are the leading importer of clay roof tile into North America.


✓ Our US operation has experience in the tile industry since 1967.


✓ We provide boutique like customer service although we only sell through our network of authorized distributors.


✓ Best-selling clay roof tile line in the US by a significant margin


✓ Industry best warranty at no additional charge (not that you’ll need it)


Did you know?

Verea Clay tile are a much better thermal insulator than asphalt shingles, concrete roof tile, or metal roof panels. Due to its low thermal conductivity, clay tile will keep your home cooler than other roofing materials. Aside from the obvious benefit of lowered utility bills, the lower thermal conductivity of clay roof tile will also protect and extend the life of your roofing underlayment.

Select Verea Clay Roof Tile Over the Competition

Many competitors will offer GRADE 1 tiling as a premium selection while also employing GRADE 2 or 3 tiles. This, unfortunately, can lead to substantial mildew as well as color performance and reliability issues.

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Verea Clay Tiles



Heat Island Effect
Verea red tiles meet the required Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 29. SRI Red Verea Tile = 47.5


The ASTM C1167 specification standards for roof tile are stringent and are typically difficult for lesser clay tile brands to meet. Many South American tile lines have a tough time passing the traverse rupture strength, water absorption, and permeability tests because of their primitive manufacturing techniques.


In recent quarterly testing performed on randomly selected Verea barrel tile, our product produced rupture strength results over 1200 lbs. a vast accomplishment over the minimum required 350 lbs. result for a passing grade. We proudly display our most recent quarterly test results with any prospective client, confirming that Verea is a superior product, able to stand up against any competitor product in clay or concrete.



What Could be Greener than Cooked Dirt?


Recycled Content
More than 40% of the clay used in manufacturing Verea tiles are recycled (a by-product of quartz mining)


The only components we use to make Verea clay tile are clay, water, and fire. We commit to the sustainable management of our company by implementing an environmental management system meeting the requirements of the European EMAS regulations, as well as the international ISO 14001.


Verea tile products represent natural products made of clay and water, inert and harmless to the environment. This includes using recycled and raw materials, firing with natural gas, using energy from the hot air that moves from the kiln and towards the dryer, and integral computerized control of the production process.


Verea ceramic roofs impart optimal efficiency with excellent thermal insulation that minimizes energy costs. The range of Verea Clay Roof Tile finishes makes it possible to design and create roofs that blend into their environments with enduring colors.

Unlike concrete tile, stoned coated metal tile, or asphalt shingles - Verea Clay Tile will never fade.